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Indian wines were less known to the world until the last decade when policy makers made remarkable changes in terms of policies and encouraged investments attracting entrepreneurs to the industry. Vineyards flourished in the state of Karnataka only after the change in policy in the year 2007. Before the change of these policies, Indian wines were priced below Rs 500 giving a clear demarcation from the imported wines which were priced above Rs 1000. Indian wines are in their evolving stages or what in business is better known as the boom stage. Entrepreneurial interest has taken this industry to new heights.

The Indian perception of the trade off between price and quality has increased the perceived quality of Indian wines. Indian wines are today priced at double the prices of the past. A reason for the same is the adherence of international quality standards being followed by Indian wine manufacturers. It’s not just the increased investment in the industry but also the knowledge of the process that entrepreneurs are willing to acquire and finally implement their learning about the process. “Even good grapes can make bad wine”, but with increased awareness of the quality standards and the process premium quality Indian wines are produced in India.

Although, wine brands in India are less recognized, they have gained popularity in the recent past. With the brands becoming recognized, the pricing strategies would change and an increase in the prices would be seen. It becomes a circular trend of increasing price, quality, changing perception and finally building brand. Apart from just the individual companies, the overall perception of the Indian wines has seen a change. Indian wines from being perceived as low quality, economic wines are now perceived as high quality world class wines.

Super premium Indian red wines have gained an importance place on the world wine map. Another beverage gaining importance in the Indian food and beverage industry adds to the overall GDP of the country and adds to the pride of the India. Indian wines are a sure try if you’re visiting India. Trying it directly at the vineyards is one of the best options, or a plethora of Indian restaurants where Indian wines can be enjoyed can be discovered too. The final option of enjoying these wines is at homes where family and friends can enjoy together

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