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Boutique Winery has become a growing trend in the world. It is nothing but a small production of wine. However, many major wine producers too call their vineyards as boutique winery. It is nothing but a state of mind which the wine maker believes in. What started as a small practice in the West has now become a growing trend in India too. Restaurant owners and hotels have started demanding wines from a particular wine producer along with the branded wines available with them. This is because of the exclusiveness that is carried along with the wines produced. The customer feels that the value derived from these wines is higher as these boutique wines are rarely found in shops outside the hotel.

As a growing trend young entrepreneurs have realized the monetary benefits of wine producing areas in the country. It’s a well said statement, that money attracts money and with that belief investments in vineyards have increased double folds. Indian businesses have reaped profits from this business and have succeeded to make a mark in the international markets. It is interesting to see the inclusion of wines in the food and beverage industry in the country.

It would be interesting to see how Indian educational institutes would treat this art and business opportunity. It might soon be a possibility that institutes might start inculcating courses on the same as part of their curriculum. Case studies being developed on various vineyards becoming famous for their quality have already been a hit in various b-schools.

The Institute of Wine Beverage Studies is one example of the growing trend of wine consumption and wine tasting in India. As this trend grows, it would be great to see the dissemination of knowledge in this field. Such courses would create a specialized field of Boutique Winery too creating a good supply for the same.

Vineyards have been a matter a pride for wine producers. As wine producers take keen interest in producing high quality premium wines, the consumption of the same is bound to increase Boutique Winery is soon to become a mega trend across the world. It’s interesting to follow updates about various wines and various vineyards across the country to find new innovations in wine processing. At the end of the day, a wine well tasted is a wine well consumed. For more information visit: http://www.sduwinery.com/